Private Utility Locating Services

Dig Safe provides notification services in connection with excavation projects. Dig Safe does not mark underground facilities. You must contact a member utility via Dig Safe, or a private locating service directly, to request that underground lines be identified.

Dig Safe member utilities may only mark lines they own or maintain.

The following is a list of private locating companies. The companies listed here are not agents, employees or contractors of Dig Safe. Dig Safe provides this list only as a courtesy and does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this list or any other aspect of these contractors’ services.

You may also consult the Yellow Pages under “Utilities Underground – Locating” for other private locators in your area.

Please be aware that, currently, no license is required to provide these services and there is no regulatory board of oversight.

The order in which contractors are listed is alphabetical, and not intended to signify any preference or recommendation.

Please check back at this page often, as we will add other private locate contractors to this list as we become aware of them.

  • 360 Utility Solutions - Serving all of New England
    Contact: Warren Verga
    Phone: 508-930-6002
  • A A B Utility Locating & Professional Land Surveyors - Serving ME, NH
    Contact: James Nadeau, P.L.S., C.F.M.
    Street: 918 Brighton Avenue
    Address: Portland, ME 04102
    Phone: 207.878.7870
    Fax: 207.878.7871
  • A E I Subsurface Investigation & Vacuum Excavation - Serving Eastern CT, RI & MA
    Contact: Pat Aubin
    Street: 339 Market St
    Address: Warren, RI 02885
    Phone: 401 289 2400
    Fax: 401 289 0019
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